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What is the Mean Eighteen?

Ever played a $2 Nassau with your buddies? Ever kicked in a few bucks on Saturday morning for the "Pro Shop Game"? It feels good to walk off the 18th with a couple extra dollars and bragging rights.

With the Mean 18 is still just a couple dollars out of your pocket, but instead of doubling your money, you can bring in $750. This is the largest, deepest & meanest golf tournament you can imagine.

Whether you are a scratch player or can't break 100, the Mean 18 will excite you and frustrate you just like the game you love. It's an eighteen hole, medal play event and to compete all you need is an official handicap and a nearby participating golf course.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up at a participating golf course ($2 entry fee per round).
  2. Post at least one round during the week.
  3. Your score is calculated by subtracting your Course's Dynamic Rating from your net score, we call this your "Mean 18".
  4. Your best score is ranked against everyone else in your handicap division and the elite are awarded up to $750.

Didn't do so well? No worries, next event starts the following Tuesday. For a more in depth overview check out our rules page.

How do we fairly compare rounds of golf on thousands of different golf courses?

We use a special equalizer called the "Dynamic Rating". This rating adjusts the USGA rating of a course up or down based on the scoring average of players from that course. If a course is playing easier than its rating then the Dynamic Rating goes down and if it is playing tougher then the Dynamic Rating goes up. 

How do we avoid cheating?

  1. Course Reporting - Each player must turn in their scorecard to their pro who will in turn report for all competitors at the course.
  2. Dynamic Rating - Because the Dynamic Rating is reflective of overall performance at a particular course, too many "too good" rounds will negatively affect all the other competitors from that course. This will encourage self policing at the club level.
  3. Handicap Anchor - Once an individual player places multiple times their personal handicap will be adjusted down by one each subsequent time they place. No individual player may place more than five times in a calendar year. 

How do I sign up?

First, make sure your home course is participating. Second, come July 31st tell your pro, "I'm playing in the Mean 18!". Lastly, register here and we'll send you results each week by email.